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Stupidity is not hereditary. Stupidity will overcome us the moment we stop thinking. That is why education should be the main priority of every thinking human being. One thing that makes us actively develop our thinking is reading. Whether paper or digital, books offer a fascinating opportunity to talk to their authors no matter where we are in the world or time. They allow us to confront our ideas and opinions with the most amazing brains that ever walked the Earth.

The meaning of life is not complex. The meaning of life lies in the fact that we are here for the second time. The level of contiguity and our ability to apply knowledge in our society are what makes us human in a sense of Homo Sapiens.
If it was not for information passed from previous generations we would still be roaring in the woods and picking berries. Without this continuity of information that we pass on to our children, primitive instincts would overcome us and force our return to the animal world.

Intelligence comes from creative thinking. And books play an important part in its development. Human society and individuals that do not consider reading and education to be a priority are on their way to extinction. The question is where on that way we are.

Herman, Editor and Editorial Head - the best known project about reading and books for children, young people and book lovers everywhere, not only in the Czech Republic. was founded in 2002 by non-profit organization Loreta and is privately funded. Our goal is to offer the latest information about books, reading, festivals, awards and other book-related activities in the Czech Republic. The web site contains database of Czech and foreign writers and illustrators, as well as samples from various books. is an independent, informal, voluntary project open to those who like reading. The project is aimed for Czech audience, but there are many people from abroad contributing to our web site, as well as small number of university professionals.

We prepare Citarny with smiles.

Project leader and publisher

C I T A R N Y - B O O K S F O R R E A D I N G

The best known living project about reading and books for children and young people in Czech Republic.
Founded in 2002.

Prague, Czech Republic
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